Foreclosure Prevention Counseling

CCCS is working to reduce foreclosures by providing FREE foreclosure prevention counseling to homeowners.

With CCCS' help, Sally reduced her monthly mortgage payment by $342.88!  Read her success story now!

CCCS' free foreclosure counseling service may be completed in person or by telephone and includes:

  • Assessment of your mortgage, including payment status and urgency in the delinquency and foreclosure process
  • General discussion of foreclosure
  • Development of loss mitigation options
  • Development of steps to be taken by you and by our certified counselor
  • Communication with lender 
  • Submission of loss mitigation package to lender
  • Written action plan for avoiding foreclosure or other homeowner preference
  • Follow up support for homeowner
  • Contact information for available community services

    Bring the following paperwork to your counseling session:

  •      Two full months of check stubs or proof of income
    (for ALL household income contributors)
  •      Copy of tax returns from the past two years
  •      Copy of bank statements from the past two months
    (all pages must be included, even blank pages)
  •      Copy of homeowners insurance (if not escrowed)
  •      Copy of property taxes (if not escrowed)
  •      Mortgage coupon/statement
    (with lender's name, fax number and account number)
  •      Current utility bill
  •      Credit report (free credit report may be obtained through
  •      Letter of explanation detailing the circumstances that have
    caused you to fall behind on mortgage payments
  •      Original loan documents, if available
  •      If divorced, must bring divorce decree and quit claim deed


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