Sample Financial Education Program Topics

Sample topics include....

  • More Money at the End of the Month
  • Building Credit, Not Debt
  • Eliminating Your Burden of Debt
  • Balancing Love and Money
  • Preparing for Retirement
  • What's Next?: Life After Debt
  • Surviving a Lay Off
  • Scam Alert: Identity Theft and Other Forms of Fraud
  • Credit Cards: What You Need to Know
  • Student Loans: What You Need to Know
  • The Truth about Predatory Lending
  • Buying a Car or Home
  • Insurance Basics

We also offer seasonal presentations, such as...

  • Debt-Proof Your Holidays
  • Recuperating from Your (Financial) Holiday Hangover
  • Spring Clean Your Finances
  • Tax Mistakes to Avoid


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