Schools and Universities

CCCS conducts classroom discussions with students from the elementary to postgraduate level, with topics ranging from fundamental to advanced.


Elementary Schools
       CCCS has basic curriculum for students in Pre-K through 6th Grade.  Younger children are taught the value of money and the basic concept of saving, while older students learn how to save and why it's important.  Lessons can be customized to suit any time and space contraints, and include games and crafts to promote interest and participation.

Jr. High and High Schools
Curriculum topics range from getting a job and managing a paycheck to saving for college, coping with student loans, and understanding the importance (and dangers!) of credit.  Of course, lessons can be customized to suit any time and space constraints.

Colleges and Universities
Lessons typically focus on managing money, credit, and debt.  Students are taught the importance of budgeting, the dangers of credit cards, the significance of a positive credit history, and the intricacies of student loans.  Presentations can be scheduled as a classroom discussion, or as an extra-curricular workshop, and can be customized to suit any time and space constraints.

Schools and universities can also schedule workshops for parents, with topics including basic money management, the importance of credit, or principles of debt managment.  Seasonal workshops are also available, ranging from "Hints for Back-To-School Savings" to "Understanding Student Loans and Financial Aid."  Presentations can be scheduled at any time of day, on any day of the week.

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