Client Success Stories

Cornelius* suffered from a disability that forced him to rely on family members for help with transportation, household chores, and financial matters.  Unable to pay all his bills on time, he was 7 months behind on his mortgage payment when the United Way referred him to Consumer Credit Counseling Service.

At CCCS, Cornelius met with Tina Williams, HUD-certified housing counselor.  In addition to helping him create a manageable budget, Tina assisted Cornelius with applying for a loan modification from his lender.  If approved, his monthly mortgage payment would be reduced, allowing him to consistently make on-time mortgage payments.

In August of 2011, Cornelius and Tina submitted his application.  Less than a month later they received notification that his request had been denied.  Undaunted, Tina and Cornelius determined to try again, submitting a second modification request. 

After months of waiting for an answer, Cornelius finally received word in October of 2012 that he had been approved for a trial loan modification.  His mortgage payment was reduced from $834 to $617 - a savings of $217 each month!  After making three consecutive on-time payments, his modification would become permanent. 

After two months, however, Cornelius' loan was sold to a new servicer.  He and Tina worked diligently to make certain that the new lender would honor the trial modification established with the previous servicer.  After many phone calls and the submission of additional documents, Cornelius' modification was successfully transferred and made permanent. 

He returned for a final counseling session with Tina once he received his final modification documents.  During their meeting, Cornelius confided that his brother had moved in to his home and was constantly demanding money, becoming angry when he refused to comply.  Cornelius had worked very hard to save his home and to stay out of foreclosure, and he was committed to keeping up with his payments, but he felt trapped and scared by his brother's behavior.  Tina referred Cornelius to Elderly Services, a sister program of the Partnership for Families, Children, and Adults, recommending that he talk to someone about his fears and the dangerous situation in which he found himself.  With the assistance of Elderly Services, Cornelius would receive resources to help provide physical, emotional, and financial protection from his brother.

Tina and Cornelius further discussed the importance of making on-time payments, buying medications, and taking care of necessities BEFORE giving any money to family or friends.  They talked about not allowing anyone access to his checkbook or debit card and avoiding situations in which Cornelius might suffer financial abuse. 

With Tina's assistance, Cornelius not only sustained a reduced mortgage payment, he also gained the financial skills he needed to maintain a consistent payment schedule.  His home wasn't just saved from foreclosure, his household was saved from financial instability!  And if Cornelius ever needs future assistance, Tina will be ready and willing!


 *Client's name has been changed to maintain confidentiality.

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2013 Client Success Statistics

September 10th, 2018

CCCS was incredibly busy in 2013! Take a look at everything our clients and staff achieved last year...

total amount of credit card and medical debt paid by clients on our Debt Management Plan (DMP)

number of creditors that participate in our DMP

total number of clients who completed the DMP, eliminating their credit card and medical debt

3 years, 9 months
average time clients spent on the DMP before paying off all debt

total number of budget counseling sessions

total number of bankruptcy counseling sessions

total number of families who received reverse mortgage counseling

total number of foreclosure prevention counseling sessions

total number of credit report review counseling sessions

total number of educational sessions held at businesses, schools, colleges, churches, and community organizations

number of television and radio interviews with local stations

We are so proud of the accomplishments our clients have made, and so blessed to be able to offer our assistance as they solidify their financial stability! 

If you haven't spoken to one of our counselors yet, contact us today... We'd love to help you strengthen your financial future!


Together, James and his wife, Hannah, had over $100,000 in student loan debt.  Hannah was forced to drop out of college before earning her degree because of medical issues and a surprise pregnancy.  With the high cost of childcare, the couple decided that it would be best for Hannah to stay at home with the new baby, so all three were struggling to live on James' $30,000 salary. Together, James and Hannah's student loan payments were over $1,500 each month, taking up 75% of the couple's monthly budget! 

When they came to CCCS for a Student Loan Review, the couple was feeling hopeless and overwhelmed.  Their student loans were in deferment, but they knew that they were simply delaying the inevitable.  They met with Tina Williams, one of CCCS' certified financial professionals. 

Tina helped James and Hannah locate all their loans and then assisted them in contacting each of their lenders, asking about non-standard repayment plans that would reduce the couple's monthly payments.  After contacting each lender, Tina was able to help James and Hannah place their loans on Income-Based Repayment (IBR), allowing their payments to be based on their household income and the size of their family.  The couple's total monthly student loan payments went from over $1500 to less than $150! 

James and Hannah feel like their student loan burden is finally bearable.  They have a monthly payment they can actually afford and a plan for the future. Tina didn't do anything that the couple couldn't have done on their own, but they felt her expertise guided them through the process much more smoothly (and with much less stress) than would have been possible on their own.  And the total cost of Tina's services was only $15!

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