Charlotte -- Eliminated $8,000 of Debt in 2 Years!

September 11th, 2012

24 year old Charlotte* found herself in a difficult situation.   With just over $8,000 of credit card debt, she was no longer able to make her minimum payments on time.  Overdue and overwhelmed, she wasn't sure where to turn until a neighbor told her about Consumer Credit Counseling Service.   Charlotte's neighbor explained that he had been able to pay off all his credit card debts through CCCS' Debt Management Plan, effectively avoiding bankruptcy.

Charlotte contacted CCCS and came in for an initial consultation with Ryan Hicks, certified credit counselor with 8 years of experience.   In recounting that first appointment, Katie remarked "Ryan was really easy to talk to.  I walked in with my guard up because I was upset about the state of my finances, but it was really reassuring to talk to someone who could help.  Every question I had was answered and it was nice to hear that all hope wasn't lost."

After talking with Ryan, Charlotte agreed that the Debt Management Plan (DMP) was the best solution for her personal situation.  With her account overdue, her interest was approaching 30%.  Acting as a mediator, Ryan worked with Charlotte's creditor and reduced her interest rate to 0%.  Before joining the DMP, Charlotte was on track to pay off her debt in 24 years, paying a total of $15,905.  After joining the DMP, Charlotte paid off her full balance of $8,201 in 2 years and 3 months. 

Since she began the DMP, Charlotte says she's learned to use credit differently.  She still has a credit card but uses it responsibly, proactively building her credit score so that she'll one day be prepared to buy a house.  She's also committed to contributing to her savings account on a regular basis to ensure that she will be adequately prepared for emergencies. 

Charlotte proclaims that if she hadn't gone through the DMP, she wouldn't be in the stable financial situation she finds herself today.  "I've told several of my friends to come talk to CCCS.  Everybody's scared of talking to a credit counseling agency, but I felt comfortable with you guys because it's legit.  I've had nothing but good experiences there."  

Congratulations, Charlotte!  We're so glad that the CCCS Debt Management Plan was a good fit for you!


*Name has been altered to preserve anonymity.

If you are struggling with an overwhelming burden of debt, please don't hesitate to contact CCCS. Call (423)490-5620,  live chat with a certified counselor right now, or email!

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