Which Websites Can You Trust?

September 10th, 2018

Have you ever had good intentions for researching an important purchase, but you weren't sure where to begin the research process? Maybe you know there are better credit cards out there, but you don't know where to find them. Or perhaps you're buying a car and you want to educate yourself before you start negotiating with a salesman.

Sometimes when you begin researching these topics, you wonder if the sites you're checking are providing honest information. Sometimes you wonder how a website operates - if it's funding comes from the credit card companies it reviews, can you really trust the reviews to be true?

Lucky for you, Consumer Action (a non-profit consumer advocacy group) has just released a Pre-Purchase Resource Guide. This guide covers resources for everything from credit cards and banking options, to automobiles, to health insurance, to wireless service! The guide covers reviews for over 35 different websites, explaining the benefits to each site, where it receives its funding and information, how much it costs consumers, etc.

As you contemplate your next big purchase, check out this great resource to help you narrow your research to the most effective websites available! Click here to view the Pre-Purchase Resource Guide.

Posted by Heather Osteen | Topic: Scam Alert

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